Sunday, 7 March 2010

HFMD facts

My friend, baby Luc is also hit by HFMD, we met each other last Saturday, could we have spread it to each other? We were both confirmed with HFMD on the same day, the incubation period is about 2 to 5 days, so it's likely that ours are independent cases. Hope we'll get our health pink again. Mummy has been doing some research about it. It is usually a mild common disease among children below the age of 5. It surfaced in 1972, with outbreak since 2000. On rare occasions, it can cause complications involving the heart and brain, thus causing death. To be more assured, here's what she has gathered:

How is it spread?
Through saliva, nasal discharge, feces, or blister fluid of an infected child. Some sources quoted that it can be spread through air. Not too sure about this though.

What are the symptoms?
  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • ulcers in mouth, tongue and throat
  • rashes on feet, palms and buttocks
  • Loss of appetite
Is it possible for adults to get it?
Yes. Among the infected statistics, one third are adults.

Is there any treatment?
No. HFMD will just have to run its course, about 5 to 7 days. No medication is given except some oral drops to soothe the ulcers in the mouth. Some mentioned giving salted or cold drinks maybe of help too. 

Will HFMD re-visit a person who has been infected before? 
Yes, likely. Unlike chicken pox, HFMD has over 60 strains. There are however 2 common strains in Singapore, Coxsackie virus and Enterovirus 71 (EV71). I can safely conclude that the maximum chances one can get would then be 2 times.

I guess these would be the general questions about HFMD. Maybe it's not too bad that I met HFMD early. I haven't got any siblings, so it isn't too troublesome for Mum and Dad, they can limit the spread at home.

On a very serious note, it is only responsible that parents take measures to limit the spread to other children, by strictly not bringing your infected child to school, public or crowded places. The only time Mummy brought me out was for a car ride to pack dinner. We avoided children and didn't step out of the car. She even had to reject a couple with an infant who wanted to share the same lift with us. Mummy politely told them to take the next lift because I'm a HFMD carrier. It pains to see me being sick with HFMD, and so it is mother's instinct that we don't want other children to go through it too.

So you know, Mummy is getting real bored for staying home with me. Only once the doctor has certified me as 'green', will I then go back to school and hit the malls for shopping! The day is coming... awaiting. 

Day 3: Blister forming on my heel

Looks like the spots are clearing

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