Sunday, 28 March 2010

My 1st Birthday Party

We had a bursting fun of celebration yesterday. Many uncles and aunties came for my little birthday party. Thank you Everybody!

It was also a long and tiring day for Mum and Dad. Organising it took lots of preparation and research. This is so to ensure that all adults and children enjoy partying to the max!

Mum and Dad didn't want a party initially. It actualized only after some thoughts and discussions. After all, it is a significant milestone of my life! Mummy doesn't want to look back and regret. Most preparation was therefore quite last minute. And for it being my first year's birthday, there weren't many choices of party types. What's good enough for a one year old birthday party is just, food, cakes, balloons, chocolates, sweets and people!!!

We hope everyone enjoyed the moment as much as we did. It took time and effort for our friends and relatives to come, and we truly appreciate it! Additional credits to: Uncle bear, Auntie Sha and grandparents for helping with area cleaning. Thank you for your labour upon your presence and gifts!

My birthday banner and balloon! I love Eeyore... so that sets the theme.

The balloons that made many kids happy

The sweetie corner for everyone!

My 2 tier cake with 'Pooh and Friends' figurines. Mum had to buy the figurines separately for the baker to decorate on my cake.

3D cakes never fail to 'wow'. Many were impressed with my cake! So were we. The time spent at the cake shop, discussing the layout, wasn't in vain.

Thank you for the pressies! I love the new collection to my wardrobe, toys and bank! Heartfelt thanks to all.

I had an enjoyable day with everyone! Yes, EVERYONE!

More pictures will be uploaded on Mummy's facebook. Check out there! Finally to share, here are some sources Mummy gathered while planing for my party....

Venues:If you have a little more budget, you may consider a 'real' birthday party with games, host and entertainment. But for my age, I won't know how to enjoy these yet. Instead, Mummy settled with a simple celebration - A function room booked at grandparents place suited well for this purpose.
Other venues to consider:
The location here seemed a little inconvenient. It looked really fun though.

It's baking birthday party at Bakerzin. Mummy likes the idea of kids baking. That's probably where they can express their creativity and reveal they more of their characters through the process. She recalled seeing a class of children attending a baking class at Bakerzin, united square. She made a promise to herself then, that she'll bring me there some day. The little kids looked so so so adorable in their little chiefs wear, with the tall white hat! Anyone interested to join me in another 2 years time? Early collection of interest first. Hee.

5. was where we wanted to hold the party initially. We couldn't because the date we wanted was taken. The rental is reasonable and place looks fun. Booking fees is just for the venue, not a party package. It is simple and was to our intention.

This forum introduces many places where you can get nice children's cakes. Presentably nice, but unsure of the taste.

Other cake shops not in list are:
Bakerzin cakes taste good, so will be the birthday cakes, I guess.

8. here taste excellent! We're just not sure if they do beautiful children's cake. Will have to check in store on that.

After all the search, we are believers of taste over appearance. Which is why we settled with Pine Garden ( One that we're confident and have tried of its taste. Mummy chose a 2 flavoured, 2 tier cake - Orange Zest for children and Lychee Martini for adults. Many said the cake tasted good. That made us, the hosts feels good. Phew!

Food:This is another head cracking moment. Food decides mood. Good food makes people happy. We want our guests to feel happy, so we chose a highly well talked about caterer - Neo Garden ( ). Again, many said the food was excellent! Phew x 2!

One of the other good tasting caterer would be:
Their prices are cheaper compared to Neo's. Their food taste wonderful too!
Other than the above, we've no confidence to try other caterers.

Party stuff and balloons: Party decos and balloons are really expensive. Yet, what is a party without balloons and decos. Mummy made many children happy by giving them balloons to bring home. Here's where to get them:

10. This solely online store offers party stuff at a lower price than those in the malls. However, you'll have to factor in a delivery charge, if not you may do a self collect. This was where Mummy ordered my balloons initially, but on the actual morning, they called to say that the Eeyore balloon we ordered burst during inflation. They have no more stock. Mummy fumed a little and desperately searched for other balloons for the party, which was in 3 hours time. This was where she got them in the end:

11. 116 middle Road, #01-01 to 03
ICB Enterprise House S(188972)

There are 3 party stores side by side. We bought most party stuff there too! Some treats for the goodie bag was bought there too. Wide range and a one stop place that solves your party woes. Helium latex ballon is at $1 each, and Helium Mylar balloon ranges from $6 onwards. Balloons wise, the above shop (kidzpartystore) offers cheaper prices though.

Alright, a long post of research, but hoping it would be of good reference to parents planning a kid's party!

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  1. Glad to visit there kids really love to play with balloon's and pinatas and decoration at the time to celebrate birthday's.


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