Sunday, 21 March 2010

Quality Time

"Daddy! You're missing out much quality time with me!" That's because he has been sleeping so much. Soccer is the culprit. This weekend, Mummy has been on duty upon my wake up calls. Even as of now, near noon time, Dad's still in bed! 
Weekend mornings are ideal to play with me, when we're all energized from the long night rest. Mummy reads to me, plays with me, feeds me and play obstacle course. On weekdays, I'm only home as much as Dad and Mum are home. Let's not talk about the morning rush to our individual destinations, it's never quality time made within. In the evenings, when I'm back from school, it's only a good 2 or 3 hours before I end my day in bed. During these hours, it's my meal and bath time, not much play involved with Dad and Mum. One glance at this schedule, we know that our country isn't too family oriented. Can we have shorter work hours please? I need more of Mum and Dad! 
Mummy thinks it's so important to be there for my every moments, as much as possible. Before you know it, I've outgrown every phase. Sometimes, Mummy does wonder how much difference it makes if we've gotten a helper. Yes, she's contemplating that idea! She foresees laziness, and reliance that the child would be left to the helper's care. Mum would then feed me less, bathe me less, not sing me to sleep and even plays lesser with me. Worst scenario, what if a child gets closer to the helper than Mum? It's probably a good choice that we're still coping things well without a helper. 
It's a trade off or maybe sacrifice, more time with me, less time for their interests. At least, I'm sure Mum wouldn't look back and say, "I should have spent more time with her."

So Daddy! It's time to wakie.

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