Saturday 13 March 2010

Straw Drinking

I'm certified 'green' for school next week. Yipee! Visit to the clinic on a Saturday is as usual crowded, we waited more than 2 hours, just to get an 'OK' note from doctor. That's less than 10 minutes with some expensive fees. Mummy thinks it's not too bad if I can be a pediatrician next time.

While waiting for my turn to see the doctor, Mum and Dad brought me for meal at Macdonalds and then shopped around the mall. They didn't anticipate for the wait to be so long, and that is why my porridge wasn't packed out. Mummy panic a while until Macdonalds scrambled egg and pancakes came in just perfect for me. Forgetful Mum didn't bring water for me as well, so Dad got me a packet of apple juice. The achievement of my day is that I managed to drink from the straw, finally!

I've tried a few times with straw drinking, but I just didn't know how to. All I knew was to bite and chew on it. Mum tried it again today, and I still couldn't until she pressed gently on the packet drink, till the juice oozes into my mouth. This was when I've probably realised straw is for getting fluid into my mouth.

My hearty meal... to be shared with Mum and Dad

I couldn't get my mouth away from straw because apple juice tastes great!

Don't get it away Daddy...

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