Thursday, 25 March 2010


Growth is in my everyday. In just almost a year, from birth to date, I've grown so much! There are 2 most wonderful things Mummy appreciates me for - 1. Sleeping through the night and 2. Sleeping on my own.

Gone are the days of frustrating midnight feeds and rocking me to sleep in the arms. Just for these, I've made first time parenting so easy for Mummy. Not so much of Daddy, because it has always been Mum who wakes up for my snacks and rocks me to sleep. Not to minus points from Daddy, but he has been helpful in other areas.

There are kids who are still walking up for midnight feeds at the age of 2, this really frightened Mummy. Of course, there are also amazing stories of babies sleeping through after the first month. Although my breakthrough came only in the 8th month, Mummy is really really thankful!

As for being able to sleep on my own, it was a gradual discovery. Some months ago, I began to fuss and move a lot when I'm being carried to sleep. Only leaving me on my bed, will I then snooze myself to sleep. Weight catches up with my age, and so this is of great relieve to Mummy's arms. However, at times when I'm not too tired for sleep, I would toss and turn, jabber and jabber until I finally stop moving. That's when Mummy's mission of the day is accomplished! And she is thankful.

In everything, give thanks! It makes parenting wonderful when Mummy thank and appreciates me.

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