Saturday, 20 March 2010

The weather

The weather has been so temperamental these days, on some days the aircon is on for me, and some days not. 

Yesterday, Dad had to work late, so Mum picked me from school. She didn't think of getting a cab as she thought she could handle the walk to and fro school. Along the way, it started to drizzle, then to big raindrops. She played with time until the rain subsided a little. Choiceless, school's closing and I've to go, so Mum borrowed an umbrella from the school and we walked home. With me in her arms, together with the added weight of an umbrella and both our bags, the walk was long and 'heavy'.

Mr Sun is still the best, although it can be scotching hot at days, it makes activities so much convenient. Mr rain is good when it's time to snuggle in bed. Yawn, back to sleep with the rain again.
Me and my pyjamas in support of sunny days...

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