Saturday 17 April 2010

Baby Walker

Recall the bet Dad, Mum and Jiujiu made some months ago about when I would start walking. Daddy got his bet right, I did it independently at month 11. Most babies would start walking from 10 to 15 months. I'm not the earliest walker, but I'm probably one of the earlier ones who started walking.

Mummy remembers an article she read many months ago on how baby walkers cause babies to walk later. Reason being the walker prevents baby from seeing his own feet, leading to the difficulty in mental and physical coordination. Something like this if Mummy recalled it right. The brain controls leg movements, and maintains the balance and posture. In fact baby walkers have been banned in Canada.

Even before I started to crawl, Mummy has never wanted to get me a walker. That article she read gave a firmer decision. My school doesn't use a walker too. Which is why I've clocked many hours of standing, cruising around and walking with support before getting onto independence. It took lots of practice!

Well, it just doesn't matter when a baby begins to walk. Each has his own pace. At this stage, Mum and Dad are really having a busy time following my movements. I would touch or pick up anything I see on the floor. This frustrates Mummy, because she has to wash my hands frequently. With my movements keeping her up, she's hoping to burn more calories. That's exercise too! 

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