Saturday, 3 April 2010


Each phase has its challenges. I've been misbehaving over meals these days, especially when we're dining out of home. I would only take a few spoonful of porridge before turning my head away from the spoon. This drove Mummy to her nerves. If she were to continue feeding me, I would make a fuss and start screaming or crying. It then comes to a point of time when she has to give in, because we're in public. It's quite embarrassing when we gain unnecessary attention. Since being a mother, Mum has never once comment on other child's misbehaviour. She's never confident of her child being on the best behaviour all time, so we're not in any position to speak.

At my age, it's probably difficult to bring in discipline. I don't seem to really understand the message Dad and Mum are trying to bring across, I only know my needs and wants. Talks and negotiations are impossible for me to comprehend. Mummy would smack my palm if I misbehave, but still I don't seem to know why. I would look blankly at my palm, or simply cry aloud if it's painful. On few occasions, Mummy even smacked my cheeks with her fingers, if I spit food out of my mouth. Every scoop of food I meant. She's hoping I'll understand that spitting of food means smack on the cheek. If it's painful, don't spit. On the other hand, she knew I couldn't speak on why I was doing that. Maybe the food is bland, I'm full or I just don't feel like eating. Again, it's difficult to decide if the punishment has been fair to both.

Anyway, Mummy is really upset with the whole feeding episode. When it comes to eating her cooked porridge over a meal with them when they're out, I would only want to be fed with their food. No doubt, their food is so much tastier than mine. Mine is bland, although that's what a toddler's taste bud should be. Still, Mummy insists in keeping her porridge free from salt, sugar or seasoning.

Raising a child has many obstacles, for having a child in control over the parents, the child is said to be spoiled. This is where discipline comes in. As much as Mummy can, she wants to bring in discipline the positive and loving way, and frankly she's not sure how is she going to get by it. Discipline is something that worries Mummy as I grow. Would you not agree that how a child behave reflects the parents upbringing of the child? Nobody wants their child to be ill-commented by others.

And so you see, how raising a child is so challenging....

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