Monday, 19 April 2010

Explorer Kid

We explored 'Explorer Kid' at Downtown East today! I was there with Mum, Dad and Grandma. For being below 13 months, my entrance was free. Adults are at $1.50. Dad and Mum are a couple, so it's $1.50 for both. Know what, I had a blasting time of Fun in there. If only I could stay a little longer, but we had to go for a dinner date with great grandparents.

I somehow knew it was a kids' paradise... smiling so widely as I walked in.

was thrown into this beautiful pool of bubble balls... I love it here!
A shot with Daddy!
Daddy buried me with the balls... Help!

I screamed a little when Daddy carried me out of this pool for other activities. I haven't got enough of it. But it was fun into another place of fun! 
Now the coloured ones...

Obstacle course

Got cubed in... No idea what I was doing

The mini slide... I love it!

How do you know if all was fun?

An immediate sleep after the whole fun...

It was fun, despite the many other play stations that were not suitable for my age. There were many older children in the place too, Mum and Dad got a little worried when they played too excitedly. They are less mindful of the little wobbly children walking around, I've to be closely watched by Mum and Grandma to prevent being knocked.

Oh, remember to bring a pair of socks for the fun, the adults too!

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