Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Fingers sucking

Mummy is exasperated whenever I suck my fingers, yet there is no wonder to it, because I don't use a pacifier. I would finger suck whenever I'm sleepy or getting to sleep in my bed. It sees like a sleep habit, a signal that tells everyone I need my sleep. Even teachers in school can testify to that. Mummy dislikes when I do it, a few times, she attempted to remove my fingers from my mouth while I was asleep, but on unsuccessful occasions, I would get annoyed and wake up. That's when Mummy starts to back off, a half asleep baby is a terror...

That's the price to pay for not using a pacifier I guess... Never mind, I'll outgrow this habit some day. This habit provokes Mummy so much more now than before because I'm touching almost everything and even seen 'mopping' the floor with my hands. It's dirty isn't it... But that's a toddler's life, curious about everything, touches almost everything.
Someone told Mummy this:
thumb sucking = closer to dad
Index and middle fingers sucking = closer to Mum

Seems like there's some relevance to it. I'm closer to Mummy, ever clingy to her. Don't get jealous Daddy!

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