Thursday, 29 April 2010

Goodbye playroom!

Today marks my final day in the infant class. Tomorrow is a school closure day and so next monday, I'll be in my new class, the mobile infant class. That's where lessons begin and a new set of routine evolves. Teachers told Mummy that I participated well during the class sessions, when I was brought to the new class occasionally. Of all, I love outdoors the most, always enthusiastically bringing my shoes to the teacher for put on. A fond farewell to my teachers, classmates and toys. Oh, my classmate, Jer will be joining me in the new class together! One familiar face added...

The photo boards outside my classroom

The shelves at the bottom for our schoolbags

This staircase that Mum and Dad race up to 'deposit' and 'collect' me

Running excitedly towards Mummy!

So this is our playroom! Little baby on the toy mat

Another part of our playroom

Humpty Dumpty is always sitting on that wall... did it ever fall?

Goodbye my lovely playroom! And this is what progression is, saying goodbye to a comfortable place that doesn't suit anymore.

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