Thursday, 1 April 2010

I'm ONE! Happy Birthday!

12 months went by, and today, I'm ONE! Mum and Dad were suppose to come for me early, as they were on half day leave. In the end, they went for a sumptuous lunch at Lawry's and did some shopping before coming for me at 5p.m. So late!

Well, that's ok, they redeemed themselves by bringing me to the flyer. In fact, it was nothing fantastic, there wasn't any scenic view except for the massive construction sites at Sands, Marina Bay. I was walking around the capsule and didn't seem bothered by the height I was at. Nice experience though. The tickets were complimentary, given to Mum by her company and another from auntie sha. It's not too worth to pay for the ride.

Mummy to Jazz, "Happy Birthday, Mummy Loves you!" There's just so much thoughts accumulated in Mummy's mind today. A year of motherhood has brought her many challenges and growth. More will come! And that's also when she realised a mother is made up of infinite capacity. So true! 
A family shot before getting on the ride

Holding on dear to the ticket

I'm better at walks now
Fun with Daddy in the capsule

See the unsightly construction?

I ended my day at City Square with great grandparents, had my dinner very fussily and crankily, before heading home and diving into bed. It was a good day!

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