Friday 30 April 2010

MBS - Marina Bay Sands

It's Friday! School's close today, so Daddy's on full day and Mummy's on half day leave to spend time caring for me. So where did we go? Lunch at Millenia walk, followed by Marina Bay Sands. As the name describes, it's really quite sandy, with construction ongoing, presenting a very raw view. And of all the time in the day, Daddy chose to go there in an afternoon. Weather was so hot! We walked from Marina Square, over the Helix bridge and then to the mall.

Walking over the bridge under the most imperfect weather

A threesome shot

With Mummy!

A very tired Mummy napping with me on a chair

With Jiu Jiu's idea, we had our dinner at Resorts World. I shared Dad and Mum's food because Mummy didn't prepare my porridge. I didn't take it too well though. That's when my biscuits and sachet cereal came in handy.

It has been a long day walking and travelling between places. The verdict is out - MBS is very business oriented, whereas Resorts World is very family friendly. Both are great hang outs though.  

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