Monday 19 April 2010

More yummies!

I can now chew on larger pieces of food. This increases my choices of food too, I'm eating much more yummy food than before. But there's still restricted access to ice cream, sweets and chocolates. In my new class next month, I'll be having a whole new food experience in school. I'll be exposed to different tastes and texture of food like pasta and rice.
Teachers brought me to the new class for sit in last week. That's where they started me on spaghetti. And so Mum bought alphabets pasta to add onto her recipe. 
Pasta with minced beef and carrot... Daddy says no spaghetti sauce for me, too salty.

Fruits are now diced for me. I love each fruity time...
So far, I've tried apple, banana, grape, mango, papaya, persimmon, pear and watermelon. I'm quite a greedy baby. Whenever I see people eating at home, I'll just walk towards and say,"Mummm Mummm."
And I can eat this top grade steak too... If you believe. Haha. 
Medium done steak is not suitable for babies...

  Food glorious Food... I like the beginning of this exploration.

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