Sunday 11 April 2010

New class next month

I'm progressing so well in my walks. Next month, I'll be promoted to the mobile infant class. That's where I'll have a whole new schedule to follow, unlike my current class where I can sleep, eat and drink at my own pace. In the new class, every child will do breakfast, lunch and snack at the same time. So are naps and lessons.
In preparation for my new class, I'll need a pair of outdoor shoes as well as a drinking bottle for the 'water parade' sessions. Meals will be over table and chair, no more high chair. So this weekend, Daddy bought me a little table and chair, a pair of pink shoes and a water bottle.

Excitedly getting onto my little red chair, even though Daddy was still fixing it.

Reading the manual to help Daddy with my table

I'm daddy's little assistant
Hmm... which should I get?

Chose the yellow cup!

Not really outdoor shoes, but anything that get toes covered

Together with Dad and Mum. We're anticipating and looking forward to my integration in the new class. Teachers have also been bringing me to the new class for occasional visits, at least it will not be totally new when I change. I've seen my new teachers and classmates, some were my ex-classmates, who got promoted earlier than me. All will be fun!

But mummy's slightly worried, she didn't see as many toys as compared to the current class. She's afraid that everything will be too schedule focused, it's toddlerhood after all. Well, teacher assured her that everyday will be still fun and play for me, so much so that all energy will be exhausted in school!

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