Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sundays are Fundays!

My Sunday was another Fun day. Dad and Mum brought me to downtown east again, another exploration trip at explorer kid! This time, the staff said child above 12 months requires an entrance fee of $11, which is upon my membership discount. And last week, I entered for free, their staff said 13 months and below play free. So Mummy told today's duty staff about the inconsistency and she got me in for free! 

It's really a blessed week for us, whatever Mummy ask of... they were given. She wanted a $100 starhub voucher to get a new phone, she got it. She tried her luck to get Food Republic's discount card, she got it. She asked not to pay for her pizzas, because they came very late, she got it. Today, she asked why not free and she got it!!! Mummy merely tried her requests without pushing too hard, and the replies caught her surprise. It made her week. Money savings you know.

For the fun that came free, of course we all enjoyed. See...

The bubble balls again

The little slide

Big spotty mushroom

I tried the carousel, but cried when Mummy put me on the horse. I prefer to sit in this 'little cup.'

Ride ended

Now the train ride

With Daddy! I think he's too big for the fun

And there... My explorer kid membership

Mummy wonders why do I not enjoy carousel and kiddy rides, when most kids do. That's a good indication too - I'm not ready for another Universal Studio trip. To think Mummy was so adventurous with the roller coaster rides she took in the States, when I was swimming in her womb. Yet I'm the opposite, fearing the movements of these mechanics. Well, I'm sure I'll grow to love them soon. 

Fun days are easy nights for Mummy, it means an easy bedtime for me. I was so exhausted that I missed my last milk feed of the day.


  1. Is tt the dress frm my washington trip? is it.. is it?!?! - Evan

  2. Uncle Evan! Yes, that's the one that flew over with you. Thanks thanks!


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