Thursday 8 April 2010

What I can do

Growth is is something that's never constant for a baby, so is learning. Now, there are so many things that I've learnt to do. Here is a list of my can dos. I can:  

1. Walk - I'm good at it now. Always seen walking with Eeyore in my hand.  
2. Climb - I'm like a little monkey, so good at climbing onto the sofa or anything climbable. I can even do the correct way of coming down from it, or from Mum and Dad's bed. More interestingly, I can climb into my bathtub during bath time.  
3. Put almost every object to my ear. Thinking it's a hand phone, and using it like how Mum and Dad use theirs.  
4. Soothe myself to sleep. After some flips and wriggles on the bed, I'll stop to sleep.  
5. Identify people - I'll point when you ask me where they are  
6. Put the spoon into my mouth during meal. With Mummy's help. 
7. Dance or groove to music, especially the music on my train toy or upon Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance.'  8. Do the "Bye bye", "Hi-5", "Flying kiss", "Clap", "No more" or "Don't have" 
9. Play Hide-and-Seek or Peek-ka-boo  
10. Give the sympathetic look or cry when Mummy smacks me 
11. Say, "Apple", "Ball", "Up", "Papa", "Bye Bye", "Dog Dog", "Mum Mum" - The food I meant. Not so much of Mummy/Mama yet... And here's the most darling part about me: 
12. Fetching a storybook to Mum or Dad, sit on their crossed legs and wait for the story to be told... Awww... Mummy is in love with this moment. 
The list goes on. My little movements and actions are really cute, I never fail to amuse. Sometimes, Mummy wonders where have I've learnt or imitated these new actions from. It must be school!

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