Wednesday, 26 May 2010

All ready to go!

I think we are all ready for the trip tomorrow. While I'm asleep, Mummy and Daddy are awake packing. For having to wake up at 5am tomorrow, Mummy has prepared sandwiches for our breakfast. My packing is done, it's lots of things to bring for me, there are especially many baby biscuits. That's in case we can't find baby friendly food in time. 
Helping Daddy to pack
We have to bring Eyore along!
Everyone's away, so how about Pillow? He's been 'deposited' at a pet's hotel, which is causing us lots of worries. It was Big jiu jiu and his girlfriend who brought Pillow there this afternoon, they feedback that the place was too horrible to look like a pet's hotel. Every dog seemed fierce, the place was overcrowded and that each dog looked sad being kept in their 'cell'. Pillow was so reluctant to keep walking when he reached there, he struggled to free himself from the leash and ran after Big Jiu Jiu when they were about to leave. The caretaker held him back. Mummy felt painful to know about it. He must have thought that we abandoned him. Silly boy.... bear with it, we'll be back to receive you. Let's be assured that he'll be well. 
My moments with Pillow: 
I insist on leading pillow
Pillow needs to do his 'business' on the grass

While we're always on the weekend morning walks, Daddy will be in bed...

Dazing with Pillow...
That's how adorable Pillow is to me. Okie, praying for an easy, fun and safe trip for all of us! Will be back to update next week...

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