Monday 10 May 2010

Food schedule

I'm into the second week, in my new class. I have adapted well so far. I now take one long nap instead of the usual 2 or 3 naps. I stand during shower, no more using the tub. And what freaks Mummy is the food schedule. This is a typical day of my intake at home and in school:
8:30am: 180ml milk (Home) 
9:00am: Bread 11:00am: Porridge 
12:00pm: 180ml milk 
3:30pm: Mee sua/Noodles/Pasta 
5:00pm: Bread & 180ml milk 
7:00pm: Porridge (Home) 
8:30pm: 180ml milk (Home) 
I'm eating at almost every interval. Daddy says that I never stop eating, and I take on Mummy's forte when it comes to food, eating non-stop! If only weight is something not to be worried about, Mummy would have gone even further for food. 
Mummy gets really amazed when she feeds me, she's in awe of how huge my tummy is. The portion of food she prepares for my meals always seem too much to fit into my tummy, yet amazingly, I could finish it. No wonder toddlers are usually seen with that huge little belly, making them look adorable. And what justifies a good meal is the massive amount of poo. That's a toddler's life - Eat, Sleep and Poo.
Chicken, carrot and broccoli porridge
Teachers are also updating my progress in writing to Mum and Dad. I had better behave, not sure what will be reported. Teacher said I'm so quiet during lessons, but isn't that suppose to be so? Maybe I need to try to participate actively in lessons. 
My communication book

Alrighty, another 4 months to go before progressing to another class.

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