Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Going on a trip

A bold decision has been made recently – We’re going on a holiday to Taiwan next Thursday! Tickets bought and hotel booked. We’re talking about bringing a 14 month-er onboard an approximately 5 hours flight. Frankly, Mummy’s a little worried about the foreseen crankiness, the lack of baby friendly places and inappropriate food for me. We’re not bringing a cooker for my porridge of course.

Grandparents, jiujius and their gfs are coming along too. Hopefully, they’ll be of much help with my entertainment. It’s a week away, but Mummy is already running my bring along items in her mind. She knows that my items are going to be the largest occupants in their luggage. Still, baggage space will not hold back her massive shopping plans.

Well, fingers crossed, hoping I won’t fuss too much throughout the trip. I hope I’ll respond well to the hours of plane ride. I guess it’s lots of entertainment Mummy has to prepare – toys and snacks. It would be good if I can bundle it with a nap too.

Dear God, please teach me to behave and let this be an easy, a safe and fruitful trip for all of us. Holidays are well deserved. I want to Dad and Mum to enjoy too!

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