Monday, 24 May 2010

I'm a Rocker!

We were out for a dinner last Sunday evening, Granny invited us to join her church mates for dinner. There were some singing and clapping. Throughout the evening, I was entertaining myself or rather, I think I've entertained many people with my dance moves. I'm a rocker! I must have been very responsive when it comes to music and dance lessons in school.

I'm a genuine music lover. Every morning, when Daddy tunes into class 95 at home or in the car, I'll rock my body to whatever song it is playing. When I go shopping, I'll rock to the music in the retail shops. I'll usually invite stares, but then what is embarrassment to a little 14 month-er? I'm a cutie when it comes to body and music. Everyone in the family loves watching my self choreographed moves!

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