Sunday 9 May 2010

A night at Orchard Central

Orchard Central is new mall, but it seemingly isn't as popular as the other malls around that vicinity. We've been there once, and didn't quite the place. Many blamed on the interior architecture. 
Long escalators outside OC
This evening, we were there to dine at the crystal jade uncle Evan and auntie PT recommended. Indeed, the place and food were great. After dinner, we walked around the upper levels of the mall, it wasn't too bad after all. There were many interesting food and restaurants yet to be discovered until today. OC is probably a place for food rather than for shop. 
Mummy's order... one whole chicken!
Daddy's order, with me munching on biscuits at the back
Mesmerised by the smoke coming out from this
A walk in the roof garden
Daddy kissed me
Mummy loved this evening. She felt a special bond with me, not exactly sure how to describe it, but she felt happy! Perhaps I wasn't cranky and that I could behave in my high chair while Mummy finished her dinner. Behaving is the best gift to all parents. 

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  1. I think should feed her more at home first before going out for ours.


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