Saturday 22 May 2010

Parents' Kitchen

We're home grounded today. So Daddy cooked and Mummy baked. What about me? I contributed some sleep while Mummy baked. It's Mummy first attempt on pandan chiffon cake. I tried a little, it was so spongy that I didn't really know how to chew.

Ended up playing with the cake

Anyway, Daddy and Grandma think that the cake tastes good. Still, the person whom she was trying to please (me!) didn't seem to like it. Never mind, more recipes to try out... And these were what Daddy laid on the table for lunch. They were yummilicious! Seems like their retirement jobs have been directed.

Egg, assorted mushroom and beef

It was a long day in the kitchen. Mummy's tired! While I'm napping, she's gona catch as much rest as possible, before the silence breaks.

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