Sunday, 16 May 2010

Zoo Zoo Zoo

Yesterday was a beautiful hot Saturday, and my mission of the day was to 'Save the Earth'. This is how I began, made a trip to the Zoo, see and know all the animals. The wild, the tame, the danger and the endangered. My trip was awesome! If only the weather could be more perfect, but at least it didn't rain. That was thankful enough.

"Save the Earth" t shirt - Gift from kuku

A ride on Ben and Jerry's cow...

A shot with the white tiger

With the Rhino

A part of the Zoo just for kids - Kidzworld. That is my world, a place where animals are tame and friendly. But next time if I go, I must remember my swim wear for a splashing time of fun.

This is "Splashing Fun"

I'm a bold kiddo, stretched my hand into the fence for the goat

Reaching out for the pony

If only i brought my swim suit. Looks like fun!!!

A kiddy ride please?

A short nap

Awake in time to watch the sea lion show

Kangaroo behind has a sexy pose

A boat ride to end the trip

We had the Zoo entrance free because Mummy balloted for her corporate zoo pass. It allowed free entry of up to 4 adults. The big money we spent on, were these photos that made us looked so much more gorgeous. It felt like a blackmail from the zoo, we bought all the pictures taken by the zoo's camera. In fact, we had already walked out the exit point, when Mummy recalled that we've not viewed the photos, so we went back to take a look... I repeat, just a look. That was a wrong move, Daddy agreed to buy all the photos! See...

The white tiger looked so real...

Kissed by the sea lion

The sea lion kissed me, and that part of my hair stinked the whole day, even after a shower. The sea lion feeds on fish, so that explained the fishy kiss.

Daddy's turn

So now you know why Daddy suggested to buy the photos? He looked cute when the sea lion gave him that fishy kiss!

Zoo is really fun, not just for kiddos, but anyone! I was so entertained that I didn't fuss about the overdue nap, meal and diaper. Now, Mummy's arms are aching bad from carrying me throughout the Zoo excursion. I was lazy, and didn't like to walk. Perhaps, I was afraid to be walking through, with the wildlife.

Dear Zoo, I'll be back!

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