Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Back to Home

A Big Hello!!! We're back from our holiday, and I'm back to school. Fun is what I describe the trip, but Mummy would probably have a different definition. She is tired, and I guess she didn't much enjoy with me around. When everyone was having meals and enjoying shopping, Mummy is stuck to troubleshooting me. I rejected most food, and survived only on milk and biscuits. Poor Mummy! Still, she managed to shop a little...

I slept on most occasions when we were travelling on trains, buses and plane. Except for the coming back flight, I cried big time when the plane was about to descend. Everyone was looking at us, and frankly their stares are so annoying, much more than my cries. My commotion frustrated Mum and Dad, Mummy ignored me after we landed. Grandma came to my rescue...

Overall, it was really a great time of family bonding. The places that we visited, like the night markets were not baby friendly. We went around without my stroller, and had my naps in mummy's arms. So you see how my stroller became a white elephant and how Mummy wasn't quite enjoying herself. It was also agreed that carrying me will be on rotated duties, but I was a 'sticky chewy chocolate," only wanting Mummy. 

For my quarter of price fare paid, I have a bassinet to sleep in

My post weaning meal, which I left it untouched. Picky eater!

My corner for play on flight
Meal time with mummy as my baby chair

Yes, we climbed the Yangmingshan, with me sleeping on Mummy's arms!

No nursery room? Make do with a rock

This is how Mummy shopped... with me!

Clothes Mummy bought for me. Only $5 each!

Modern Toilet restaurant - I enjoyed exploring it

The nicest and most decent nursery room ever. Found in Taiwan's airport, departure hall.

Furnished with cots!

Where are we heading to for the next trip? Daddy says Europe or Japan, but know what, Mummy says without me. Sob! Actually, travelling with me wasn't that bad, I adapt well to the environment. Except for the hotel, I woke up on some nights just to cry. I want to travel with Mummy and Daddy, please!

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