Saturday 12 June 2010

Backdating - Last Weekend

It had been a busy week for Mummy. So much so that she could only pick me twice from school this week. It was suppose to be a faithful daily affair. Time with me seemed to have drifted for Mummy, coming home to only kiss me in my sleep. It made her realised the importance of quality time too. Within days, I seemed to have gotten closer to Grandma. And that's how fast changes occur in the little ones, but that's ok, because it's Grandma! 
Getting busy means giving less priority to my little blog, updates become infrequent with lots of backdating to do. That's a test of memory too. Blogging is really a good update of my progresses and activities. Every now and then, Mummy would back read the posts when she needs a smile on her face. That's the power of me in her life. 
So to backdate... last weekend, I was as occupied as Dad and Mum. We attended Kayden's birthday party on Saturday and Uncle Evan's wedding on Sunday. I thought I behaved really well on these two occasions. Phew! I had fun with balloons at the party and people in the wedding crowd. 
Loving this beautiful cake of Kayden's
I had a wonderful time with balloons!
I got extremely jealous when Mummy carried Kayden...
Alrighty, Mummy is just done with her stuff and done with this post. Not sure to say good night and good morning, but for sure, it's time for sleep. Another long day for us tomorrow, or rather, for her... but, writing about me will always be on her mind.

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