Thursday, 3 June 2010


I've been coughing for close to a month and my nose has been on the run too. Viruses attack one after another. Sigh! I cough specially bad in the night. Daddy decided to bring me to the doctor this evening. Enough of medicating me from the cough and cold syrup bought from the clinic without consultation.
Every visit to the clinic costs a sum, which is why mummy prefers to self medicate, if possible. This visit, doctor recommended me to take some vitamins to boost my immunity as well as speed up recovery. If only I had a choice, I prefer chocolates. 
Endless medications

For now, no citrus fruits until I've recovered. Daddy would always say I'm placed at the infant care to collect data, i.e. collect viruses. The more collected now, the less will be collected as I grow. 

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