Wednesday 16 June 2010

Early Potty

It was an interesting sight for Mummy this evening. I was walking around the living room, when suddenly, I took my diapers off. There was never such an instance when I could remove my diapers without any help. This was easy because I was left walking around without my pants on. Before Mummy could put it on again, I pee-ed on the floor. That moment stunned Mummy, she thought I was ready for potty time. 
Yet, it could be coincidental that my diapers fell off while I was playing with it, and even more coincidental that I pee-ed just after that. Perhaps, it wasn't what Mummy thought. Moreover, teachers did not mention that they've began potty training in school.
Nonetheless, Mummy took out my pink potty and introduced it to me. I was scared when she showed me, I backed off and cuddle her tight. To curb my fear, she took my little care bear to show how the potty should be used. Still, I was apprehensive about going near it. I need to be using it real soon, and the appropriate time for potty training would be at about 18 months. Another 3 months before teachers from another class will train me to it. Hmm... I wonder how long it's gonna take for me to stop using those 'mobile toilet', and Daddy just stocked up another 3 boxes of pampers. Woah!!!
My pinky potty
This potty was bought when I was less than a month old. A traditional method that the confinement nanny got me to pee in before bath time. It was discontinued when confinement ends. Lazy mummy.

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