Friday 18 June 2010

Fathers' Day Weekend

It's Fathers' day this weekend! Dinners lined up on Sat and Sun with both Grandfathers. That's when Dad and Mum show their appreciation to their Daddies. For my Dad, I've made this tie shaped card for him... Hmm, ok, it was made by my teacher. But my foot prints did the finishing. It's looks beautiful!
Happy Fathers' Day!!!
Nice poem 

I love you Daddy! 

Thank you for your generous love and care 
Thank you for taking my side when Mummy's careless with me 
Thank you for chauffeuring me, to and fro school everyday 
Thank you for always wanting to buy me toys 
Thank you for working so hard for this family 
Thank you for washing my laundry without fail 
Thank you for stocking up my diapers and milk. They never once ran out. 
Thank you for accommodating my nonsense and misbehaviour 
Thank you for being there for me... Thank you and Thank you... 

Jazz loves you!

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