Monday, 28 June 2010

Fever is monster

World cup FEVER - I'm down with a fever, hit a record high of 40 deg last night. Everyone was so worried for me, even contemplated in bringing me to the A&E. All these in the middle of the night, during the England vs Germany match. I kept Dad and Mum up the whole night, Daddy was busy sponging me every few minutes and even camped beside my bed. The thermometer became the frequent used object of the night. Sigh of relief came only after my temperature dropped to 38 deg. 
I couldn't make it to school, so dad and mum are on leave to care for me. It was tiring for them, brought me to the PD and brought Grandma to the TCM for her sprained back. Appetite was zero for me, I have no interest in any food or milk. Taking only mini bites of them.
Doctor said fever will be back, and medication is my forced food for now... I need to get well soon!

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