Wednesday 30 June 2010

New Toy

I'm well after a 2 days of fever battle. Back to playing the new toy daddy got for me. My toy collection is getting huge. Space is running out to hold them. Still, Daddy loves to buy me toys. I love it when we walk through Toys R Us, that's when I would wander off to my own exploration trip.

Daddy got me this mini cooking set. I love playing with them! Or maybe that's the girly stuff for princesses like me. I have them in school, now I have them at home. It's fun!

Mummy made me wait while she took a picture of us

I was getting fidgety as I can't wait to play it. I kept saying 'open open', while Mummy was trying to capture a good shot of us. I look forward to play them when I wake up every morning.

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