Saturday, 12 June 2010

Paws Party!

This evening was the Paws Party which Mummy and her committee organised. Everyone in the neighbourhood had fun. It was a unique moment where many neighbours and their doggies gathered. I had my share of fun too, walking here and there, playing with the many dogs. And of course, not forgetting about being a sticky chewy chocolate, following Mummy wherever she goes. Mummy was so busy with the programme schedule, yet she has to carry me around. 
jie jie receiving prize on behalf of Pillow...
Anyway, the proudest moment for us was Pillow. He won the best dressed award!!! Mummy sacrificed her France jersey for him to parade around. A worthy sacrifice after all. Disclaimer, decision was made by external parties. 
In line with the world cup season

Pillow looks awesome in this outfit... so is he

Pillow is a very well liked dog within the neighbourhood. Many praised him for his looks, he's handsome! Beautiful owners breed beautiful dog. Haha.

Well, it was a long day for Mummy. After the event wrapped up, she had to rushed through the cooking of my dinner. She got me showered and got me to bed before sneaking out with Daddy to Auntie Kong's house for steamboat. Her day ended at 3am, beginning another day upon the call of my cry. A Mother's capacity is so commendable, in need for a rest, but forced to keep working with the child. Moreover, taking care of me gets tougher each day. Go Mummy Go! 

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