Monday, 14 June 2010

An unpleasant meal time

Mummy has been feeling bad since Saturday, her heart sinking with guilt. I had a terrible meal time that day, and this triggered Mummy’s temper. I spat almost every spoonful of porridge that I was fed with. After a few times, Mummy got angry, she smacked my cheeks with her fingers each time I did it, Ouch! And despite every painful smack, I continued with the spitting. What a rebellious me. Then, I started walking around my table and chair, played with my toys and had diverse attention every minute. Again, I got spanked on the thighs for not making use of the chair during meal. Mummy knew my diaper would cushion the pain if she spanked my buttocks, so she went for my juicy thighs, Ouch! For each smack, I cried for only short moments. I drove her to great anger. 
The DVD was played for me and she did all she could to make me sit and eat well. Still, to no avail. Mummy even contemplated about getting a cane! Daddy could even joked, he asked me which type of cane I prefer. A flash back to the scene today, made her realized she could have done it with more patience and understanding. She exerted too much negative energy which could have inflicted fear in me. There was a moment between the outrage, when she paused and reflected on her lost of temper. She realized she had a bad day and prior that, she received a call from someone, who dampened her mood a little. That’s huge mistake for not being impartial. Which is why, she is filled with so much guilt now. She did a little to redeem herself towards the end, talked calmly to me and praised me well. It worked a little, but still I didn’t want to eat. Mummy then decided on the consequence approach. Don’t want to eat, no more food and hunger is what I’ll probably experience later on. 
As much as she could try to avoid spanks and time out (my most dreadful punishment), she will allow me to realize the cause and effect of my actions. Although quite a believer of healthy doses of punishments and reprimands, Mummy wants to be focus and not allow her bad days to affect the disciplinary process. Family is not a ‘bin’ for us to throw our anger and unhappiness created by others. And the best thing about kids, they hold no grudges. They hug and kiss you like nothing happened. How wonderful…

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