Sunday 6 June 2010

Say 'No'

It doesn't seem difficult for me to say 'No'. I've learnt to say it together with my left to right and right to left head movements. It seemed easier to learn than 'Yes'. The adults taught me - When I touch fobidden objects, Mummy says 'No'. When I put fingers in my mouth, Mummy says 'No'. So you see the frequency of 'No' versus 'Yes'. Don't blame the kiddos. Mummy thinks I sound real cute saying 'No'. She sounded me out:  

Mummy: Do you want milk?   

Me: No  

Mummy: Daddy 抱抱? 

Me: No  

Mummy: Do you want mum mum (food)?  

Me: No

Mummy is fainting! I'm saying 'No' to the essentials. But my responses were ignored, I still got my milk and food.
Kids don't hesitate to say 'No'. The adults sometimes find it difficult to say 'No' to people around them. Rejection is sometimes hard to bring across. Maybe this is something they can learn from the kiddos. Bring out some child likeness in them.

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