Tuesday 29 June 2010

Still sickie

Fever is still with me, it surged specially high in the night. I got specially irritated when daddy tries to sponge me, not only is it cold, it is also disturbing my sleep. I was given paracetamol in the midst of my sleep. My cries invited everyone in the household to my room.

Today, Mummy had to be back at work to rush some stuff, so did Daddy. I cried when Mummy parted with me in the morning, it was heart aching for her. Woes of a working Mum. She decided to take half day leave and came home in the afternoon for me, so did Daddy. Appetite was still bad, but I'm feeling better along the hours.

This evening, my temperature seemed to have gotten better. I hope to make it for school tomorrow because leaves are precious to Dad and Mum. A sick child easily burns up the leaves of their parents. Imagine a kid down with HFMD, that's 5 days of leaves gone!

Mum caught Mr Moon shining at me. A shot taken from my bed.

I will get well soon. I want to be in school with teacher, friends and toys!

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