Saturday 31 July 2010

My Sibling

Mummy has been easily tired recently and so unwell. She experiences bad nausea everyday, morning and night. It gets specially bad in the night when she would start vomiting. Hmm, ok... enough clues to tell you that my little sibling is on the way. 
Mummy is having a very tough time struggling with this 1st trimester of morning sickness. In fact, it's never morning sickness, it's throughout the day. What a bad medical term given. This explains the frequency of my updates. Mummy is in no mood for anything and everything, her appetite is bad and she would just vegetate on the couch or sleep on her bed. She's so grateful for Daddy taking up the expanded roles in the home and with me. 
Hope mummy gets over this phrase soon. I've been home bounded with her, and I can't wait for her to get better. I must have brought my Mummy through the same experience when I was in her womb. How noble a Mum is...

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