Thursday, 26 August 2010

Mummy Convocated!

Mummy convocated!!! Together with Grandparents and Daddy, we went to her convocation. A 2.5 years course that has finally completed. It wasn't an easy road for Mummy, from struggling between work and school, then pregnancy and then my arrival, it seemed like a journey that couldn't be completed. And still, she did it!

Always in her mind, Mummy recalls how she had to rush to school for an exam on the second day upon my arrival. She didn't want to defer her exam and she wants to graduate on time. Instead of resting, she spent her hospitalized nights revising just so that she could go for the paper. Hard work paid off, she cleared all her subjects and graduated with a beautiful distinction. A dream accomplished for putting on that mortar hat - a will, a way!

With Daddy and Mummy!!!
I wasn't allowed into the ceremony, so I waited and roamed outside with Daddy. For every graduand that passed by, I thought that was Mummy, I kept calling, "Mummy Mummy." But Daddy said that's not Mummy, it's Harry Potter.

Grandma trying to be funny huh... put on Mummy's gown

Me and the mortar board... haha.

We live life once, if there's an urging desire to fufil a dream, just do it! It takes lots of determination, but if that's a dream, then nothing hinders. Start the race and complete it well. Mummy thanks Grandpa, Grandma and Daddy for the ongoing support while she was struggling between books, home and work. It wouldn't have been possible without them!

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