Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Bath Time

Mummy's disheartened with me today... 
She has not been bathing me for about 3 months, because of her bad morning sickness. This evening she's finally ready to resume that chore. When I was all ready for bath time, I cried for Daddy, who has been taking over this duty while mummy was unwell. Mummy tried to coax me to allow her to this moment of bonding, and I told her, "move move". She was blocking my and Daddy's walkway to the toilet. 
Those words seemed to have hurt her. Of course, the words of this little toddler meant nothing, but sigh, it probably made her upset. After bath time, I played with Mummy as usual. And, that's the amazing thing about little toddlers, coming back into your arms, without considering what happened earlier on. They genuinely do not know what went wrong. Moreover, Mummy knew I wasn't wrong to demand Daddy to bathe me. 
Shall try again tomorrow...

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