Saturday, 4 September 2010

Big Bump

My forehead
Aww....!!! That was painful! There wasn't school for me on Fri, so Mummy allowed me to sleep and play late the previous night. I was having fun jumping up and down grandma's bed, like the little trampoline in school, when I knocked my forehead into the solid hard wall. After which, I cried for a while before deciding to sleep at a late 12:30am. Not sure why hard boiled eggs are used, but kinda work. My bump subsided the next day... 
Grandma wasn't giving me full attention when I was playing so wildly, she was with me in the room. Mummy gave her a 'yellow card'. Grandpa said, I should have learnt not to jump on the bed after being knocked so hard this time. What a painful way to learn.
Next morning, I'm became a good helper with the laundry.
Door's closing
Pose before the wash
What a humpty dumpty night.

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