Wednesday, 1 September 2010

It's Teachers' Day

It's 01 Sep 10 today, and school will be closed on Friday as the teachers' reward. Mummy's on a 5 days mc this week, she's been resting and avoiding all the heavy duty routines. She could hardly carry me now and I have seemed to draw closer to Daddy. Well, that's ok, Mummy takes care of the little one in her and Daddy takes care of me. Fair and square.

And this was what Mummy prepared on my behalf last night, a little card and some chocolates to pamper my teachers.

Don't laugh at her artwork
A little thought but much expressed to all my teachers. It isn't easy being an infant care teacher, especially having to take care of the many little ones from head to toes. Even mummy dislikes wiping my bum, and the teachers have to do so for every child. Happy teacher's day!

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