Thursday, 23 September 2010

Mid Autumn

It's mid autumn! Mummy and Daddy bought me a mini electric lantern and we went down for a time of celebration. There were many children and adults at the void deck too. Mummy brought some sparklers to liven the mood, that made many children happy. I am too young for sparklers, mummy forbids.

Electronic for me, candle lantern for mummy

Sparklers being shared around with the kids. The boy with the sparkler is the naughty boy in my neighbourhood. He kicked me the other time.

That's Anastasia and me!

Daddy and me and the FULL moon...

It was a wonderful evening! We love mid autumn, love mooncakes and lanterns. Mummy and Daddy got married on a ε…«ζœˆεδΊ” too!

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