Sunday, 19 September 2010

Tortise discovery

One evening, Daddy wasn't in time to pick me from school, so Mummy picked me instead. After she got me from school, with me in her arms and our bags over her shoulder, she decided to wait for Daddy at a nearby park. Our weight was exhausting Mummy's energy, not forgetting the weight of didi in her tummy.

We were waiting at the park and Mummy brought me near the pond, we dicovered not only catfishes but many tortises! I was afraid of them, there were so many and when people started giving them bread, they would make their way onto the shore for their food before making a quick 'escape' back. They were almost close to my feet, but I was clinging tight onto Mummy.

After school on Friday, Mummy decided to bring some bread from home to feed the tortises. She gave me a piece to feed the tortises, but I put it in my mouth instead. Mummy almost fainted. She decided to feed them all by herself, and I became a timid watcher in Daddy's arms.

Tortises coming on shore

Am refusing to come down of Daddy's arms

Whenever the word tortise is mentioned to me now, I would put my hand onto my chest and go, "scared scared." If I misbehave, Dad and Mum have nothing to bring up, except tortises. Till I outgrow that fear, they will have nothing to frighten me with. haha.

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