Sunday, 3 October 2010

Children's Day in school

It was the day all parents looked forward to, a celebration that the little adorables and teachers had prepared for weeks. Oh yes, and the fancy costume everyone came in, even the parents, they really meant effort. The morning was greeted by Mr bright sun and the little ones were all out, ready to perform in any moment when it began to drizzle. Many wished it was just drizzle, but in no time the rain showed no mercy, it became a downpour. The audience dismissed quickly to pick up their child. It was a Big Huge Sigh! The moment all parents waited for was over, some even hoped for the rain to stop, which didn't. Nothing described the day except being disappointed. Performance opportunity doesn't come all time, it was really a long waited moment. If only Mr rain came an hour later and all will be fine.

Little did many kiddos realized that their 'no show' had made their parents upset, they continued to enjoy the many activities held within the sheltered compound. For mummy, it was time to adjust disappointment to fun. The teachers really put in great effort for the event, they were all dressed up and the place was well embellished to the 'Alice in Wonderland' theme.

Some pictures of the moments...

Ready to perform
Interesting dress up

My good friend
That's us and the Mad Hatter's tea party!

Mummy helping with hat making, or rather I was helping her.
I found Alice's key!
Enjoying my cup corn
My artwork in school

When it was time to end the party, many parents were asking the teachers if the children will perform again. Teachers said they'll try, so we're all hoping. Our fun did not end here, we proceeded to Sentosa for a night of stay... next post!


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