Sunday, 3 October 2010

Day Two at RWS

It's my third visit to the USS, the last was about 6 months ago. The day was bright and extremely sunny! Nothing beats sun to rain. This time, I had more fun and rides with the different characters and attractions. I was really sleepy when we were at the entrance, entertainments kept me awake and I could hardly nap. Only when Dad and Mum were having meal, I slept after milk. While I was asleep, Daddy went on the 'Mummy' roller coaster ride. It was really a day that belonged to the children, the park were filled with many kids who seemed to be on holiday like me. I'm sure everyone had a wonderful children's day. I went on the merry-go-round three times, sat on three different characters. It was fun!
Mummy said that was beetle juice, and I went 'Apple juice!'
Queuing to watch the donkey live show
Ice cream comes perfect with the warm weather
Went flying on dino with Daddy
My third ride on the merry-go-round. Love it!
Excited to see Penguin, skipper is his name! I gave a loud shout when I hi-fived with him.
Daddy asked for a funny face, and this was what he got

Overall, I was very well behaved in the theme park. I sat through the shows and musical and the best part... 

I sat in my pram...

I slept in my pram

And I walked...!!!

All these made the day easy for dad and mum. Mummy did not pack enough diapers for me, and when she changed on my last diaper, she thought we were safe. A little bit more of fun and we're done for the day. Not long later, I gave a big poo! Almost out of desperation, she felt like approaching some other families to buy a piece of diaper. Well okay, that was really embarrassing, so out of thought. I ended up with no diaper for another 2 hours of fun, before I pee-ed in Daddy's car, on the way home. Wasn't that bad right? We were already on the way home, and all could be salvage if there wasn't any jam when we exited Sentosa. Daddy wanted to go right home after the poo, but Mummy insisted to continue the fun with no diaper on. Phew, thanks to Mummy, I could enjoy more.

It was really a long day of fun filled activities. Right after being home for shower, we rushed to attend a BBQ chalet which Mummy organised with her ex-department colleagues. We had an exhausting day, even though we didn't mind being tire out by fun. For 2 nights, I slept at about 1 a.m. And, it's back to reality tomorrow. Dad and Mum are back to work, and I'm back to school. What's next for getaway? Grandpa suggests the Marina Bay Sands. Sounds good! Great bonding without getting out of the country.

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