Tuesday 26 October 2010

Just Dad and Mum's trip

Luck seems coming in Daddy's way, he won a trip for two to Spain, to catch the Europe MTV award! For being his spouse, Mummy's going too! I'll be left home, in Grandma's hands. Although, it really seemed untimely for mummy to go with a bump, she'll still going ahead. Her main consideration was me! She has never parted with me for a single night, and this time an 8 days of separation. It's much of hugs and kisses she's taking away from me. She's gonna miss me big time.

Spain has always been Daddy's desired place to visit, he's really excited about it! For mummy, it's the opposite, I think she prefers home with me. Moreover, she is guilt stricken for not being able to attend her good friend's wedding because of the trip. Please forgive her, auntie Jo.

This trip wasn't of ample notification, it was only last week when they called Daddy about the prize. Well, Daddy, Mummy and didi, have a safe and enjoyable trip, I'll be waiting home for you all. Don't forget my shopping loot. Muacks!

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