Saturday 30 October 2010

New Clothes

In just one day, I've so many new clothes added to my wardrobe. My online gap purchases has arrived and Daddy got me some tees from giordano. They are really nice dresses and tees, but Grandma thinks the colours are too dull for me. Daddy says it's contemporary fashion. Time to dress out of the norm.

Lovely dresses and tees!

Mummy is so used to buying girly wears for me. It's gonna be so different when she has to start learning to purchase boys wear for didi next year. In fact, together with my gap purchases, she got didi some blue rompers too. All she knew was blue for boys. 
The amazing part was, Mummy had been buying wears for me, she's spending lessser on herself now. She hardly has new clothes in her wardrobe. Hint hint daddy!

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