Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Visit to the Library

It was my first visit to the library. Other than home, it's a perfect hide out from the haze over the weekend. I love my visit there. Instead of trying to be a silent reader, I did some loud talking out of excitement. I'm unaware that I've to be quiet. Oh well, the children's section isn't any quiet too. 
I was more interested in shelving the books in and out
Ok, found a book of interest
Making a choice of six books for loan
We borrowed six books and near due, we'll have to return. I've been reading these books nightly with Mummy, I might be looking for them after she returns. I love books, always picking a book to anyone and say, 'sit sit, read read'. Borrowing from the library seems like a better and budget alternative. The variety is huge and I can easily find something of interest. I'm now looking forward to the next visit.

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