Monday, 29 November 2010

Fruitful weekend

Weekends are really short, if only they could be longer, I'll have extended fun! This weekend, Dad and Mum brought me almost anywhere and everywhere. I'm feeling Christmas in the air! On Saturday, Mummy brought me to meet Santa and Santarina, and listened to the carollers at Ritz Carlton. I got myself so involved, clapping after each song they sang. We met Aunt Claud and I got an early Christmas gift from her. Thank you! And, Mummy says to open only on boxing day, I shall wait. 
We then went on to Marina Square for dinner. I seemed to have lost my appetite that night after gazing at all the glittery decorations everywhere. 
Glimpse of the carolers behind us
The tree lit up, and it was beautiful
So glittery at Marina Square
And here's my Sunday, I went for a swim or rather, it was water play at great-grandaparents home. Now, I'm so in love with the pool and water! So much so that it takes some time to coax me out of the pool. I had dinner at their home before heading to Parkway Parade for some strolling. 
Decorated to the toy story 3 theme
Me on dino ride
Love the slide alot!
It's really fun to visit the malls near this season. The malls look so beautiful and colourful with the different Christmas decos!

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