Wednesday, 3 November 2010

I know my letters!

I know my alphabets! Ok, most of them, not all. For numbers, I’m more familiar with 1 to 3. Last week, I was home bound for 2 days, forbidden to school because of my fever. Those days, I was hooked onto the TV most of the times. Every meal or even non-meal time, I would ask to watch, ‘Move it, move it ’or ‘Frog’. They are the Madagascar cartoon and my leapfrog, letter factory DVD. This week, I was on them almost every day! Ok, I know too much TV isn’t good… but educational DVDs really make learning and teaching easy for parents and kids.
The outcome - I know the sounds of most of the letters, doing my best from A to H! And I love dancing to my style of ‘move it, move it!’ Mummy would test me by asking, “the A says, the B says” etc, and I could answer her almost effortlessly. Now, mummy’s trying to catch these moments on video, but it was just difficult to do one, with me being distracted most of the times. I look really adorable and stylo dancing to the ‘move it’ song you know.

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