Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Monday no Blue

It was a little longer weekend for Dad and Mum this Monday, at the expense of their one day leave. School's close, so they are on leave to care for me. We had a great time of bonding. Dad and Mum started their day at Suntec with a good lunch at Astons. Lunch was good because I was sleeping - the best a mummy could ask for over a meal.
I woke up only when they were about to finish their meal, but that was good enough. From then, it was all fun for me. I wasn't using my pram for sleep or sit, I played with it around the mall. I visited toys r us, but came out empty handed. I've too much toys, Mummy commented. Or rather, Dad and Mum could not agree on something to buy for me. I couldn't decide much, I would only hold onto some toy and say, 'buy buy', whether or not it was relevant to me. 
Gave up my pram for care bear
Pushing my only passenger on board - care bear

After Suntec, we went on to Marina Barrage. Everything seemed raw in there, rather unfurnished. Regardless of that, we recharged ourselves with the huge space, great views and fresh air. I love watching the kites fly too!

Fun with Mummy!

Daddy uploaded this pic and told mummy that I've grown. Indeed!

Honey stars made me happy!
Want some?
In the exhibition area
Our 'smiley' part for the environment

Mummy removed my dress and all I had was my tee and diaper

I'm in love with water fountain... trying to catch water!

Water play was last because I didn't bring my swim wear or my towel or whatever gear needed for getting wet. All mummy had was extra clothing, which was good enough. So here I went, excitedly into the water splashing area.

Again, I whined a little when Daddy pulled me out of the water. It was time to stop before I get really soaked. Moreover, the floor in the water area was concrete rough, I had a few reddish rubs on my knees while playing, and a little fall when we were about to leave. The floor on the dry area was rough too, I abraded my left knee while Mummy tried to put on my dress. Ouchie! It's outdoor after all, so it's play rough. After water play, We went Wisma, food republic for our dinner. I shared Daddy's ramen and a little of Mummy's rice.

"Erm Mummy, you sure sushi and wassabi's for me?

Daddy asked for a cute face and here's what he got...

Bagged off Mummy's Famous Amos cookies!
So you see, Monday's no blue if there's no work. Yawn, it's back to school for me tomorrow and back to work for Dad and Mum. Well, school is play to me, I enjoy my everyday in there, so it's still fun for me everyday. That's a tot's life.

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